We hope everyone was okay during the earthquake in northern Algeria yesterday. According to an article 5 people died and over 70 in hospital many with shock.

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Saha Eidkoum

So its currently Eid here in the UK! Eidkoum Mabrouk, kol 3am wantoum bkhier inShaAllah. Hope you all have a wonderful couple of days. Keep Palestine, Syria and the rest who are less fortunate to celebrate Eid as we do in our prayers. - show us your henna & new eid clothes!

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Q: Do you live in algeria?

no, we live in England, UK however we do visit Algeria during the summer holidays. :)

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Eid is approaching, whos excited?

I know I am!
Whats everyones plans for eid other than visiting the family?

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So who will be spending their summer in Algeria? 

(I’m going myself on Friday inshaAllah!)

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Was rooting fo Argentina BUT can now say look how well Algeria played against the world cup winners.

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I’m not gonna even lie after Algeria lost my family stopped watching.

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